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Time to spare? We can edit your essay within a week.
One Week
£15 for 1500 - 5000 words
£30 for 5000 - 10,000

Looks at structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Your essay will be edited and returned within 48 hours.
£90 for 1500 - 5000 words
£180 for 5000 - 10,000 words

Looks at structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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  • How do I order a service?

    Once you have decided which service your work requires you can contact me via email, so that we can discuss your manuscript or essay, and establish exact fees and availability. You can also inform me about your work and ask any questions you may have. Once everything is confirmed you will then receive an invoice and, once the invoice has been paid and the manuscript/essay received, I will begin work.
  • How do I pay?

    Once we have established a set fee, and which service you will be requiring, I will send you an invoice with payment details enclosed. For authors, you will pay half of the amount up front, via bank transfer, or PayPal, if preferred. I will then contact you via email once I have finished working on your manuscript, at which point you will then pay the second half. Once I have received the final payment, I will return your edited manuscript to you, via email. For students or academics, full payment is expected upfront, via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Should I submit an extract or the whole piece?

    This is entirely up to you. A extract can allow me to get a basic grasp of your work and give you any feedback, dependent on what package you have chosen. However with a manuscript analysis, full edit or for academic papers, it's always worth sending through the whole piece. You are always very welcome to contact me first and we can discuss what we both feel you should send through.
  • What happens if I don't like the edit? Can I get a refund?

    I will always try and be on your side and follow the truth of your story or academic idea, however sometimes I appreciate you might not be happy with the feedback I give you. My advice is to put the feedback away, and return to it at a later date. Sometimes going back to the edit after some time can give you a fresh perspective. I am also happy to offer further feedback and clarification if needed. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given once the edit, proofread or analysis has begun.
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